Energy Performance and Conservation

Energy Planning

The Department of General Services (DGS) and the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) are working with the Governor’s Office to reinvigorate the State’s efforts to reduce energy consumption in state agencies. Our goal is to reduce energy consumption 10% by Fiscal year 2020, based on a FY2010 baseline year.​

DGS is working with the Agency Energy Coordinator (AEC) in every state agency to produce an Agency Energy Plan that identifies and recommends energy conservation measures with the greatest potential for energy savings. These energy plans are essential to reducing the state’s energy usage and reaching our goal.

The AEC is responsible for the following:​ 

  • Coordinate with the DGS Office of Energy Performance & Conservation and MEA on energy issues on behalf of your agency.​

  • Draft the agency’s Energy Plan to describe current energy consumption, all energy-consuming entities, and proposed energy reduction strategies to reach State energy reduction goals. This document should be updated annually and submitted to DGS. 

  • Obtain energy decisions through coordination with agency leadership. These decisions can include energy conservation measures, energy purchases, energy reduction projects, alternative energy projects and energy data.

  • Monitor energy consumption in the State Energy Database; determine the reason for any energy use increases or decreases agency-wide; and determine the cause of any energy use spikes and/or abnormalities.

  • Coordinate with the Accounts Payable office to submit account numbers for all utility bills to the State Energy Database and assist in the resolution of energy billing issues.

  • Account for all utility meters to include number identification paid for by the agency.

  • Coordinate with agency operations and maintenance teams to ensure the most efficient maintenance/scheduling of building heating, cooling and electrical systems.

  • Communicate to agency leadership and the Governor’s Office progress made toward meeting the goals outlined in the Plan.  A scorecard should be included.

Any questions about State Energy Planning can be directed to:

Randolph Wilson
Energy Administrator