Capital Grants Project


Funds for a grant may be sought/requested as a bond bill sponsored by a State Senator or Delegate or as an Administration initiative as part of the Maryland Consolidated Capital Bond Loan (MCCBL) or in the Governor's budget. A flow chart has been prepared to provide an overview and time line for the process used in obtaining and administering legislative grants. The process may at first appear to be complicated, but once the legislation is signed by the Governor, the entire process can be broken down into three steps. A brief explanation of the process is below.

Step One - Fill out and sign the documents in the grant package received from the Department of General Services (DGS). Along with the completed documents, you must include documentation of your matching fund, if required. All of these documents are returned in one package to DGS.

Step Two - Submit all eligible contracts. This includes all contracts for matching funds (if required) as well as the ones the State is going to pay. You will need to contact DGS for details concerning this step.

Step Three - The final step is receiving your payment. The Maryland Historical Trust must review your project prior to any payment. The State may pay the approved vendor directly or may reimburse your organization if you have made the payment. Depending on the type of State funds, you will either contact the Comptroller's Office or DGS for payment. Final payment will be made after you have provided the most recent photographs of the project.

The names and contact information of the people who will assist you through the process are located on the Contacts page. Please contact them to ensure that the process goes smoothly and your project achieves the success we all want.


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