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The Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR label identifies energy-efficient products in a large and increasing number of categories. Originally intended to recognize the top 25% most energy efficient products in each category, improved energy efficiency in some product categories has resulted in a very high percentage of products now meeting the ENERGY STAR standard. To enable consumers to identify products in those categories that have exceptional energy efficiency the Environmental Protection Agency introduced the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient label in 2011.

The ENERGY STAR Most Efficient designation is awarded to the top 5% of energy efficient models in the product categories of clothes washers, refrigerators, boilers, central air conditioners/air-source heat pumps, furnaces, geothermal heat pumps, ceiling fans, and ventilating fans (as well as televisions, computer monitors and windows).

State agencies should purchase the most energy efficient appliances and heating & cooling equipment. For categories where the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient designation is not available, the ENERGY STAR label is the best guide for selection of energy-efficient products. When comparing energy consuming products, state agencies should consider efficiency rating, energy use, cost, payback period, and expected lifetime of the product.

Products identified as ENERGY STAR Most Efficient are listed on EPA’s website:


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