Maryland Green Purchasing


​​Subcommittees are established to work on subject-specific or project-specific activities. Subcommittees meet in person or by phone monthly and report out on activities at quarterly GPC meetings. Membership in Subcommittees is not limited to statutory GPC members. If you’re interested in learning more or serving on a Subcommittee, please contact:

Communications & Outreach
Topics of interest: GPC website and web resources, events, educational materials

Members include: DGS (Chair), MDE

Food Service Ware / Expanded Polystyrene Ban
Topics of interest: Maryland’s State-wide ban on Expanded Polystyrene food service ware, non-foam alternatives, food service ware specification development

Members include: DGS (Chair), DPSCS, USM, MDH, MDE, MDoA

Fleet / Electric Vehicles
Topics of interest: Electric Vehicles, Electric Vehicle Infrastructure, Fuel Efficiency

Members include: DGS (Chair), DBM, MDE, MDOT