Maryland Green Purchasing

Electric Vehicles and Charging Infrastructure​

Electrification of the State’s fleet is an important aspect of Maryland’s climate change mitigation strategy. As electric vehicles (EVs) enter the fleet, State facilities will need adequate charging infrastructure in place to support them. To this end, DGS is taking the lead in establishing a Statewide EV Infrastructure Strategy, and ramping up the installation of charging equipment at State-owned facilities. 

DGS’s Charging Station policy can be found here​. Agencies are encouraged to adopt or adapt this policy as suited for their needs. 

Do you have EV charging at your Facility? Or are you thinking of installing EV charging? DGS is compiling data on existing EV charging stations as well as planned or in progress EV charging projects. Please share your EV charging station data by completing this survey to submit EV charger project data.

The following Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) are available for Agencies to purchase through Statewide contracts:

Maryland currently has contracts with the following vendors for electric vehicle charging equipment: 

If your agency is interested in installing charging infrastructure, please contact: 

Additional Resources: