State Procurement

  • Commodities and Facilities Maintenance Purchases

    Information for Using Agencies

    All agency-specific purchases for Commodities and Facilities Maintenance must follow the below process as of January 2016
    First, Review and complete the DGS Agency Purchase Submittal Form.    All purchases must complete Page 1 (General Information), and one of the remaining pages based on the procurement method selected. 
    Second, create, but DO NOT post, a requisition for this purchase in the Advanced Purchase Inventory Control System (ADPICS).  This applies to requisitions submitted for Facilities Maintenance request, ONLY.  For commodities purchases, please post your requisitions and make sure that the buyer code is "ZDGS"
    1.  If the request is to procure a one-time good (commodity), the Interface Type (intf) must be a "RQ" to allow the system to generate  a Purchase Order (2340).
    2. If the request is to either procure goods (commodities) or services over a given period usually more than one year and more than one delivery, the interface type must be a "NP" to allow the system to produce a Blanket Purchase Order (2342).
    3. Agencies must submit specifications, PRG information and MBE/ SBR/ VET goal information if applicable.
    4.  The note pad must contain the following information:
      • Match Type
      • Buyer’s Name, Buyer’s Code, Phone Number and email address
      • PRG Information and any goals
    Third, email to the completed two pages of the DGS Agency Purchase Submittal Form, along with all relevant attachments, including but not limited to:
    ·        Print-out of the unposted ADPICs Requisition
    ·        Completed Specifications and/or IFB * For Facilities Maintenance request, please contact before submitting your request.
    ·        Accounting Certification (“Fund Cert”)
    ·        Appropriate justification and support documents to not proceed as a competitive bid
    ·        MBE Determination  (including PRG paperwork if needed)
    Note: Per COMAR 21.11.03, all requisitions large enough to be submitted to DGS should have a written MBE goal and basis for setting that particular goal. Requisitions expected to be larger than $200,000 should be reviewed by your agency's Procurement Review Group (PRG) per Board of Public Works (BPW) Advisory 2001-2.
    • Excess Property Certification- Surplus Prop (if needed)
    • MCE and MD works wavier (if needed)
    Within 10 working days of submitting this email, the assigned DGS Procurement Officer will email the agency buyer noted on the Submittal Form and indicate that either the submittal packet is accepted or else ask for additions or corrections to the packet.

    Finally, upon written acceptance of the submittal packet by the DGS Procurement Officer:
    ·        Create an entry in the ADPICS notepad for the requisition indicating “Purchase submittal packet approved by DGS PO [First Lastname] by email on [MO-DY-YR].”
    ·        Change the buyer code within ADPICS to " ZDGS" and post.
    Documents for Using Agencies