Facilities Management

Annapolis Public Buildings and Grounds

Annapolis Public Buildings and Grounds (APB&G) operates and maintains the Capitol complex in historic Annapolis and other buildings in the area. APB&G oversees 23 State-owned buildings, 49 acres of landscaped areas and 24 acres of parking lots. These facilities house approximately 4,700 State employees and elected officials. Among the buildings are the historic State House, Government House, House and Senate Office Buildings, Legislative Services, Treasury, Revenue Administration, Tawes (which includes the Annapolis Day Care Center), Maryland State Archives, Fred L. Wineland Building, Shaw House, Court of Appeals, 100 Community Place in Crownsville and the Crownsville Day Care Center.​

Baltimore Public Buildings and Grounds

Baltimore Public Buildings and Grounds (BPB&G) is responsible for the operation and maintenance of 13 State-owned buildings and 28 acres of land and parking lots.  These provide office space for more than 8,000 State employees. Included are the Herbert R. O'Conor Building at 201 W. Preston Street, the other State Center buildings at 300 and 301 W. Preston Street, 2100 Guilford Avenue, the William Donald Schaefer Tower (the Governor's downtown office and 13 State agencies), the Public Defenders' Building, the Nancy S. Grasmick State Education Building, Saratoga State Center (Department of Human Services and DGS), Hilton Heights Community Center (Baltimore City Department of Social Services and Department of Juvenile Services), and the Jessup State Complex (State Records Management Center, Maryland Correctional Enterprises and the Maryland Fuel Lab of the Comptroller of the Treasury).

District Court/Multi-Service Center Facilities

Currently there are 20 Multi-Service Center/District Court (MSC/DC) facilities across the State. These facilities encompass more than 1.7 million square feet on 52 acres of landscaped areas and 23 acres of parking lots. The Multi-Service Centers are divided into seven geographic regions. The Regional Manager for each region oversees daily operations and is responsible for contract procurement, maintenance, grounds keeping and snow removal for their buildings.