Maryland Green Purchasing

​​As climate change continues to be a growing threat, the State of Maryland is actively pursuing a comprehensive strategy to reduce its climate impacts. 

“Climate change can hurt public health and cripple our when we face a threat to people's livelihoods and way of life, showing leadership means acknowledging the risks and addressing them.” 

-Larry Hogan, Governor of Maryland and Ralph Northam, Governor of Virginia 

One significant aspect of this endeavor is the Maryland Green Purchasing Committee (GPC). Established by the Green Maryland Act of 2010, the GPC administers an environmentally preferable purchasing program for the State of Maryland. 

The GPC provides state agencies with the tools and resources to take advantage of solutions that have already been proven as effective, while signaling the commercial sector to continue their commitment to developing new and environmentally beneficial products and services. 

In order to reduce our carbon footprint; protect our natural resources; prevent air, water, and soil pollution; and support public health, the GPC encourages the purchase of products that: 
  • Have environmentally conscious manufacturing processes
  • Reduce the use of raw materials 
  • Do not use hazardous or toxic substances
  • Are biodegradable or recyclable  
  • Are energy-efficient 

To this end, the GPC has set forth specifications for state agencies to follow when procuring products or services — which can be found on our product category pages linked below.