Facilities Planning, Design and Construction

Designing & Building Maryland's Future

The Department of General Services supervises and coordinates the design and construction of a wide range of state public improvements totaling hundreds of millions of dollars annually. DGS is committed to the fair and competitive selection of design consultants and construction contractors for capital improvement and maintenance projects. Once awarded, the department manages each contract to deliver quality projects that are on time and within budget.

Architectural/Engineering Services

Architects and engineers are selected based on a consideration of qualifications and subsequent negotiation of fees with top qualified firms. Unique A/E projects or those with fees anticipated above $500,000 are advertised in eMaryland Marketplace.

Projects with Estimated A/E Fees in Excess of $500,000

A/E firms for contracts in excess of $500,000 or with unique features. Requests for Proposals (RFPs) are advertised on eMaryland Marketplace. Firms submitting their proposals, which are evaluated and ranked by a qualification committee of DGS and using agency personnel. The Qualification Committee negotiates a fair, competitive and reasonable fee with the most qualified firm. If unsuccessful, the negotiations are terminated, and the committee begins negotiations with the next most qualified firm.

Multiple Design Projects

DGS often enters into indefinite quantity contracts with project design total values under $500,000 with A/E firms to provide as needed services to the department. These firms are selected by procedures similar to the procedures established for projects with fees over $500,000, and are used on a rotating basis to handle smaller projects, studies, reviews and programs.  These contracts are referred to as ‘On-Call’ Contracts, current contracts are linked under the ‘On Call Contract’ hyperlink on this website.

Design/Build Projects

Periodically, the design and construction of a project are combined into one contract award. The award of these contracts are based on a criteria that consists of Design/Build Team Qualifications, Design Aspects, Maintainability/Operability, Price, and any other criteria deemed pertinent to the project. These projects are advertised on eMaryland Marketplace.​

Construction Contracts

Construction contracts are normally awarded through competitive bidding. The contractor which submits the lowest responsive and responsible bid will be awarded the job.

Monitoring Bid Opportunities

All construction projects, over $15,000 placed out for bid are listed on eMaryland Marketplace.

Bidding Process

All relevant documents required for bidding projects are posted on and are downloadable from eMaryland Marketplace. These include detailed plans, detailed specifications and bidding instructions.

Public Schools

DGS participates in administering the Public School Construction Program with the Maryland Office of Planning, Department of Education and staff of the Board of Public Works. DGS staff reviews requests from each local education agency, participates in public hearings, reviews design documents for all public school projects receiving state participation in funding and recommends authorization for projects to be bid for construction.  For more information about the Public School Construction Program visit their web site at www.pscp.state.md.us

Community Colleges

DGS coordinates with the Maryland Higher Education Commission, the Department of Budget and Management and the Maryland Department of Planning in administering the Community College Capital Improvements Program. DGS reviews facilities master plans for each institution, reviews programs and design documents for each project having state participation in funding, and coordinates payment of State funds. For more information, including the Community College Facilities Manual, consult the Maryland Higher Education Commission.