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collapse County : Allegany County ‎(8)
4. Maryland State Police (MSP) Barrack "C" Cumberland/LaVale
1125 National Highway, Cumberland, MD
(301) 729-2101GasolineOut of Service
5. State Highway Administration (SHA) LaVale
1221 Braddock Road, LaVale, MD
(301) 729-8433Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
107. State Highway Administration (SHA) Frostburg
12101 New Georges Creek Road, Frostburg, MD
(301) 689-6367DieselLimited Hours
117. State Highway Administration (SHA) Franklin Salt Storage
20800 New George's Creek Road SW, Westport, MD
(301) 729-8433BiodieselLimited Hours
118. Finzel Salt Barn
1336 Beall School Road, Frostburg, MD
(301) 895-3234BiodieselLimited Hours
119. State Highway Administration (SHA) Town Hill Salt Storage
Beautiful Plains Road, Little Orleans, MD
(301) 729-8433BiodieselLimited Hours
120. State Highway Administration (SHA) Rocky Gap Salt Storage
16900 Baltimore Pike NE, Cumberland, MD
(301) 729-8433BiodieselLimited Hours
122. State Highway Administration (SHA) Oldtown Salt Storage
20110 Oldtown Road, Oldtown, Md
(301) 729-8433BiodieselLimited Hours
collapse County : Anne Arundel County ‎(11)
59. Department of General Services (DGS) Annapolis Capital Fueling Facility
610 Taylor Avenue, Annapolis, MD
(410) 260-2900Gasoline and E8524 Hours
61. Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA)
50 Harry S. Truman Parkway, Annapolis, MD​
(410) 841-5723GasolineLimited Hours
62. State Highway Administration (SHA) Annapolis
138 Defense Highway, Annapolis, MD​
(410) 841-1009Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
63. Maryland State Police (MSP) Barrack "P" Glen Burnie
6800 Aviation Boulevard, Glen Burnie, MD​
(410) 761-5130Gasoline24 Hours
64. State Highway Administration (SHA) Glen Burnie
910 Stewart Avenue, Glen Burnie, MD​
(410) 766-3770Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
65. State Highway Administration (SHA) Tracy's Landing
5770 Solomons Island Road, Lothian, MD​
(410) 841-1009Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours/Restricted Access - SHA Drivers Only
66. Maryland Aviation Administration (MAA) Field Maintenance Facility
7049 Elm Road, BWI Airport, MD​
(410) 859-7098Gasoline and Diesel24 Hours
67. BWI Airport - Clean Energy Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Facility
2 Aaronson Drive, BWI Airport, MD​
(410) 767-0587Compressed Natural Gas24 Hours
68. Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA)
6601 Ritchie Highway, Glen Burnie, MD​
(410) 768-7242Gasoline24 Hours
84. State Highway Administration (SHA) Hanover
7491 Connelly Drive, Hanover, MD​
(410) 582-5593Gasoline, Diesel and E-85Limited Hours
106. Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) Bay Bridge Police
881 Oceanic Drive, Annapolis, MD​
(410) 537-6651Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
collapse County : Baltimore City ‎(7)
69. Mass Transit Administration (MTA) Baltimore City
1515 Washington Boulevard, Baltimore, MD​
(410) 454-7130GasolineLimited Hours
70. Mass Transit Administration (MTA) Baltimore City
4401 Mt. Hope Drive, Baltimore, MD​
(410) 454-7435GasolineLimited Hours
71. Department of General Services (DGS) Baltimore Office Complex Upper C parking lot
300 W. Preston Street, Baltimore, MD​
(410) 767-0587Gasoline24 Hours
72. Morgan State University
1700 E. Coldspring Lane, Baltimore, MD​
(443) 885-1611Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
73. Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) Ft. McHenry Tunnel West Emergency Garage
McComas Street, Baltimore, MD​
(410) 537-1269Gasoline and DieselOut of Service
74. Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) Ft. McHenry Tunnel Maintenance Facility
4000 Leland Avenue, Baltimore, MD​
(410) 537-1269Gasoline and Diesel24 Hours
75. Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) Baltimore Harbor Tunnel I-895
1200 Frankfurst Avenue, Baltimore, MD​
(410) 537-1315Gasoline, Diesel and E8524 Hours
collapse County : Baltimore County ‎(15)
18. State Highway Administration (SHA) Hereford/Parkton
306 Mt. Carmel Road, Parkton, MD​
(410) 329-6752Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
22. Maryland Emergency Management Administration (MEMA) Camp Frettered Military Reservation
5401 Rue Saint Lo Drive, Reisterstown, MD​
(410) 702-9771Gasoline and Diesel24 Hours
28. Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) Francis Scott Key Bridge
303 Authority Drive, Dundalk, MD​
(410) 537-7670Gasoline and Diesel24 Hours
76. State Highway Administration (SHA) Brooklandville (Formerly Materials and Research)
2323 W. Joppa Road, Brooklandville, MD​
(410) 229-2371Gasoline and DieselOut of Service
77. State Highway Administration (SHA) Owings Mills
9130 Dolfield Road, Owings Mills, MD​
(410) 363-1315Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
78. Maryland State Police (MSP) Headquarters
1201 Reisterstown Road, Pikesville, MD​
(410) 486-3101Gasoline24 Hours
79. Maryland State Police (MSP) Barrack "R" Golden Ring
8908 Kelso Drive, Middle River, MD​
(410) 686-3101Gasoline24 Hours
80. State Highway Administration (SHA) Golden Ring
8375 Pulaski Highway, Baltimore, MD​
(410) 633-1080Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
89. Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) Spring Grove Hospital Center
55 Wade Avenue, Catonsville, MD​
(410) 402-7952Gasoline24 Hours
94. Mass Transit Administration (MTA) Old Court Metro Station
4380 Old Court Road, Pikesville, MD​
(410) 454-7945GasolineLimited Hours
97. State Highway Administration (SHA) Brooklandville Salt Dome
10615 Falls Road, Brooklandville, MD​
(410) 329-6752DieselLimited Hours
99. State Highway Administration (SHA) Hunt Valley
320 West Warren Road, Cockeysville, MD​
(410) 229-2371GasolineLimited Hours
110. Pikesville Military Reservation
610 Resiterstown Road, Pikesville, MD​
(410) 653-6755GasolineLimited Hours
115. State Highway Administration (SHA) Pipe Yard Salt Barn
5000 Washington Boulevard, Arbutus, MD​
(410) 363-1315BiodieselLimited Hours
116. State Highway Administration (SHA) Security Salt Barn
1709 Belmont Avenue, Baltimore, MD​
(410) 363-1315BiodieselLimited Hours
collapse County : Calvert County ‎(3)
29. State Highway Administration (SHA) Prince Frederick
100 Hallowing Point Road, Prince Frederick, MD​
(410) 535-1748Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
30. Maryland State Police (MSP) Barrack "U" Prince Frederick
210 Main Street, Prince Frederick, MD​
(410) 535-1400Gasoline24 Hours
31. Maryland Department of Planning (MDP) Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum
10515 Mackall Road, St. Leonard, MD​
(410) 535-1400Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
collapse County : Caroline County ‎(1)
46. State Highway Administration (SHA) Denton
508 Caroline Street, Denton, MD​
(410) 479-0770Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
collapse County : Carroll County ‎(6)
6. Department of Public Safety & Correctional Services (DPSCS) Driver Training Facility
7310 Slacks Road, Sykesville, MD​
(410) 549-5732Gasoline24 Hours
12. State Highway Administration (SHA) Westminster
150 Wyndtryst Drive, Westminster, MD​
(410) 876-2061Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
13. Maryland State Police (MSP) Barrack "G" Westminster
1100 Baltimore Blvd., Westminster, MD​
(410) 386-3000Gasoline24 Hours
93. Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) Springfield Hospital Center
6655 Sykesville Road, Sykesville, MD​
(410) 970-7061Gasoline and Diesel24 Hours
124. State Highway Administration (SHA) Mt. Airy
4520 Baltimore National Pike, Mt. Airy, MD​
(410) 848-6565BiodieselLimited Hours
125. State Highway Administration (SHA) Eledersburg Salt Storage
Route 97 and Route 340, Jefferson, MD​
(410) 848-6565BiodieselLimited Hours
collapse County : Cecil County ‎(7)
38. Maryland State Police (MSP) Barrack "M" Toll Facilities/ Administration Building
1 Turnpike Drive, Perryville, MD​
(410) 537-1150Gasoline24 Hours
39. Maryland State Police (MSP) Barrack "F" North East
2433 West Pulaski Highway U.S. 40, North East, MD​
(410) 996-7800Gasoline24 Hours
40. State Highway Administration (SHA) Elkton
2024 E. Philadelphia Road, Elkton, MD​
(410) 398-1565Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
41. Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) JFK Maintenance Facility II
568 Bouchelle Road, Elkton, MD​
(410) 537-8150Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
42. Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) Thomas J. Hatem Memorial Bridge
6000 Pulaski Highway, Perryville, MD​
(410) 537-8150Gasoline and DieselOut of Service
111. State Highway Administration (SHA) Ward Hill Satellite
625 Cecilton Warwick Road, Cecilton, MD​
(410) 398-1565Bio DieselLimited Hours Call for Access
112. State Highway Administration (SHA) Sylmar Satellite
901 Telegraph Road, Rising Sun, MD​
(410) 398-1565Bio DieselLimited Hours Call for Access
collapse County : Charles County ‎(3)
24. Maryland State Police (MSP) Barrack "H"
9500 Mitchell Road, LaPlata, MD​
(301) 392-1200Gasoline and E8524 Hours
25. State Highway Administration (SHA) LaPlata
5725 Washington Avenue, LaPlata, MD​
(301) 934-8031Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
26. Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) Harry W. Nice Memorial Bridge
US Rte. 301 at the Potomac River Bridge, LaPlata, MD​
(301) 537-6818Gasoline and Diesel24 Hours
collapse County : Dorchester County ‎(1)
49. State Highway Administration (SHA) Cambridge
1 mile east of Cambridge at Intersection of Md. Rte. 750 (Old Rte. 50) and Handley Road, Cambridge, MD​
(410) 228-4977Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
collapse County : Frederick County ‎(6)
9. Maryland State Police (MSP) Barrack "B" - Frederick County Law Mall
110 Airport Drive East, Frederick, MD​
(301) 600-4151Gasoline24 Hours
10. State Highway Administration (SHA) Frederick
5111 Buckeystown Pike, Frederick, MD​
(301) 624-8251Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
11. State Highway Administration (SHA) Thurmont
67 E. Moser Road, Thurmont, MD​
(301) 624-8251Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours/Restricted Access - SHA Drivers Only
98. City of Frederick
111 Airport Drive East, Frederick, MD​
(301) 624-8251Gasoline and Diesel24 Hours
123. State Highway Administration (SHA) Myersville
US 40, Myersville, MD​
(301) 624-8250BiodieselLimited Hours
126. State Highway Administration (SHA)
Route 180 and Route 340, Jefferson, MD​
(301) 624-8250BiodieselLimited Hours
collapse County : Garrett County ‎(4)
1. State Highway Administration (SHA) Keysers Ridge
3876 National Pike, Accident, MD​
(301) 895-3234Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
2. Maryland State Police (MSP) Barrack "W" McHenry
67 Friendsville Road, McHenry, MD​
(301) 387-1101GasolineOut of Service
3. State Highway Administration (SHA) Oakland
95 SHA Drive, Oakland, MD​
(301) 895-3224Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
121. State Highway Administration (SHA) Swanton Salt Storage
12091 Maryland Highway, Swanton, MD​
(301) 895-3234BiodieselLimited Hours
collapse County : Harford County ‎(5)
35. Maryland State Police (MSP) Barrack "D" Bel Air
1401 Bel Air Road, Bel Air, MD​
(410) 879-2101 or (410) 838-4101Gasoline24 Hours
36. State Highway Administration (SHA) Churchville
3050 Churchville Road, Churchville, MD​
(410) 879-9419Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
37. Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) JFK Maintenance Facility I
I-95 in Harford County. Approximately 1 mile south of the Maryland House, Perryville, MD​
(410) 537-8100Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
104. State Highway Administration (SHA) Bush's Corner Salt Barn
4810 Rock Road, Pylesville, MD​
(410) 879-9419DieselLimited Hours
114. State Highway Administration (SHA) Falston Salt Barn
519 Fallston Road, Fallston, MD​
(410) 838-7788BiodieselLimited Hours
collapse County : Howard County ‎(4)
17. State Highway Administration (SHA) Dayton
4401 Route 32, Dayton, MD​
(410) 531-5533Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
34. Maryland State Police (MSP) Barrack "A" Waterloo
7777 Washington Blvd., Jessup, MD ​
(410) 799-2101Gasoline24 Hours
96. State Highway Administration (SHA) Jessup Salt Dome
MD Rte 175, Jessup, MD​
(410) 531-5333DieselLimited Hours
127. State Highway Administration (SHA) Pine Orchard Salt Storage
10307 Baltimore National Pike, Ellicott City​
(410) 531-5533BiodieselLimited Hours
collapse County : Kent County ‎(2)
43. State Highway Administration (SHA) Chestertown
615 Morgec Road, Chestertown, MD​
(410) 778-0818Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
105. State Highway Administration (SHA) Millington Salt Barn
10550 Howard Johnson Road, Millington, MD​
(410) 778-2014DieselLimited Hours
collapse County : Montgomery County ‎(4)
14. State Highway Administration (SHA) Gaithersburg
502 Quince Orchard Road, Gaithersburg, MD
(301) 948-2477Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
15. Maryland State Police (MSP) Barrack "N" Rockville
7915 Montrose Road, Rockville, MD
(301) 424-2101Gasoline24 Hours
16. State Highway Administration (SHA) Fairland
12020 Plum Orchard Drive, Silver Spring, MD
(301) 572-5166Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
103. Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) ICC Western Operations Facility
16902 Crabbs Branch Way, Rockville, MD
(410) 537-6928Gasoline and Diesel24 Hours
collapse County : Prince George's County ‎(7)
19. Maryland State Police (MSP) Barrack "L" Forestville
3500 Forestville Road, Forestville, MD
(301) 568-8101Gasoline24 Hours
20. Maryland State Police (MSP) Barrack "Q" College Park
10100 Rhode Island Avenue, College Park, MD
(301) 345-3101Gasoline24 Hours
21. State Highway Administration (SHA) Upper Marlboro
Maude Savoy Brown Road, Upper Marlboro, MD
(301) 952-0555Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
23. State Highway Administration (SHA) Greenbelt
9300 Kenilworth Avenue, Greenbelt, MD
(301) 513-7300GasolineLimited Hours
27. State Highway Administration (SHA) Laurel
400 Second Street, Laurel, MD
(301) 776-7619Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
85. State Highway Administration (SHA) Metro Yard
4700 Cobb Road, Landover, MD
(301) 459-5352DieselLimited Hours/Restricted Access - SHA Drivers Onl
108. Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) ICC Eastern Operations Facility
13201 Virginia Manor Road, Laurel, MD
(410) 537-6934Gasoline, E85, and DieselLimited Hours
collapse County : Queen Anne's County ‎(3)
44. State Highway Administration (SHA) Centreville
111 Safety Drive, Centreville, MD
(410) 758-0700Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
45. Maryland State Police (MSP) Barrack "S" Centreville
311 Safety Drive, Centreville, MD
(410) 758-1101Gasoline24 Hours
57. State Highway Administration (SHA) Stevensville
334 State Street, Stevensville, MD
(410) 643-5631Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
collapse County : Somerset County ‎(4)
52. State Highway Administration (SHA) Princess Anne
10980 Market Lane, Princess Anne, MD
(410) 651-1333Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
53. Department of Public Safety & Correctional Services (DPSCS) Eastern Correctional Institution
Revellsneck Road, Westover, MD
(410) 651-9000 x4415Gasoline and Diesel24 Hours
86. Maryland State Police (MSP) Barrack "X" Princess Anne
30581 Perry Road, Princess Anne, MD
(443) 260-3700Gasoline24 Hours
92. Somerset County Government Roads Facility Westover
8981 Sign Post Road, Westover, MD
(443) 260-3700Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
collapse County : St. Mary's County ‎(2)
32. Maryland State Police (MSP) Barrack "T" Leonardtown
23200 Leonard Hall Drive, Leonardtown, MD
(301) 475-8955Gasoline24 Hours
33. State Highway Administration (SHA) Leonardtown
27345 Point Lookout Road, Leonardtown, MD
(301) 475-8035Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
collapse County : Talbot County ‎(4)
47. State Highway Administration (SHA) Easton
8265 Ocean Gateway, Easton, MD
(410) 822-3525Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
48. Maryland State Police (MSP) Barrack "I" Easton
7053 Ocean Gateway, Easton, MD
(410) 819-4747Gasoline and E8524 Hours
101. Talbot County Roads
605 Port Street, Easton, MD
(410) 770-8150Gasoline and Diesel24 Hours
102. Town of Easton
9030 Bryan Drive, Easton, MD
(410) 822-0513Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
collapse County : Washington County ‎(9)
7. State Highway Administration (SHA) Hagerstown
18320 Col. H.K. Douglas Drive, Hagerstown, MD
(301) 791-4790Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
8. Maryland State Police (MSP) Barrack "O" Hagerstown
18345 Col. H.K. Douglas Drive, Hagerstown, MD
(301) 766-3800Gasoline and E8524 Hours
87. Department of Public Safety & Correctional Services (DPSCS) MD Correctional Training Center
18800 Roxbury Road, Hagerstown, MD
(301) 791-7200Gasoline and Diesel24 Hours
95. State Highway Administration (SHA) Parkhead Salt Dome
9700 National Pike, Hagerstown, MD
(301)-707-9655DieselLimited Hours
100. Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) Potomac Center
1380 Marshall Street, Hagerstown, MD
(301) 707-9655Gasoline24 Hours
109. State Highway Administration (SHA) Boonsboro Satellite Facility
6642 Old National Pike, Boonsboro, MD
(301) 432-5394Gasoline and BiodieselLimited Hours
128. State Highway Administration (SHA) Smithsburg Salt Storage
12700 Smithsburg Pike, Smithsburg, MD
(301) 791-4790BiodieselLimited Hours
129. State Highway Administration (SHA) US 40 West Salt Barn
17000 National Pike, Hagerstown, MD
(301) 791-4790BiodieselLimited Hours
130. State Highway Administration (SHA) 40 East Salt Barn
US 40 and Stottlemyer Road, Boonsboro, MD
(301) 791-4790BiodieselLimited Hours
collapse County : Wicomico County ‎(3)
50. State Highway Administration (SHA) Salisbury
660 West Road, Salisbury, MD
(410) 677-4054Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
51. Maryland State Police (MSP) Barrack "E" Salisbury
2765 North Salisbury Blvd., Salisbury, MD
(410) 749-3101Gasoline24 Hours
113. Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) Holly Center
926 Snow Hill Road, Salisbury, MD
(410) 572-6240E1024 Hours
collapse County : Worcester County ‎(5)
54. State Highway Administration (SHA) Snow Hill
5603 Market Street, Snow Hill, MD
(410) 632-051Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
55. State Highway Administration (SHA) Berlin
10323 Ocean Gateway, Berlin, MD
(410) 632-0511Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours
56. Maryland State Police (MSP) Barrack "V" Berlin
9758 Ocean Gateway, Berlin, MD
(410) 641-3101 or (410) 651-3101Gasoline24 Hours
90. Worcester County Government Maintenance Snow Hill
6113 Timmons Road, Snow Hill, MD
(410) 632-3766Gasoline and Diesel24 Hours
91. Worcester County Government Public Works Ocean Pines
1000 Shore Lane, Berlin, MD
(410) 641-5251Gasoline and DieselLimited Hours