The Personnel operation directs, manages, and coordinates all areas of human resources and collective bargaining for the Department. This includes setting policy and procedural guidelines to ensure compliance with State personnel law and regulations. Other activities include: recruitment and hiring, salary determination, position classification and promotion, employment counseling, health benefits, employee assistance, medical referrals, reporting of accident leave, employee’s leave bank, mandated drug testing, budget and staff projections, ADA compliance, grievance resolution, EEO and Affirmative Action compliance, complaint resolution, arbitration of employer/employee disputes, training initiatives, various employee awards programs, and representing management before the Office of Administrative Hearings.

Fiscal Services

Fiscal Services is comprised of three primary units: statewide capital projects accounting, operating accounting, and budget management. The Unit provides accounting and budget management services to the Department. This includes: providing guidance to management on various fiscal and budgetary matters; representing the Department’s views on fiscal and budgetary issues to outside agencies and the public; accounts payable; accounts receivable; payroll; leave keeping; fixed asset management; forecasting of revenues and expenditures; budget preparation; and accounting and financial reporting.

Inventory Standards, Surplus Property, Fleet Management and Fuel Management

Inventory Standards and Support Services oversees statewide inventory management of materials, supplies, and State personal property.​ This Unit is also responsible for the Department’s Fleet Management Program, Fixed Asset Program, Surplus Property Program and the Statewide Automated Fuel Dispensing and Management System​ with over 100 refueling stations located in Baltimore City and every Maryland County.

Capital Grants and Loans

DGS supports the Board of Public Works in the processing of Capital Grants. Grants must originate through the Department of Legislative Services (DLS). After a Grant has been initiated by DLS, DGS will provide directions for processing to the Grant recipient.