Energy Performance and Conservation

State Energy Database

DGS tracks the energy consumption and cost for all utility accounts paid in the State’s name. The State Energy Database is a comprehensive large-scale utility management system that includes over 1 million invoices and over 22,000 State utility accounts. Commodities tracked include electricity, natural gas, water, sewer, steam, chilled water, and fuel oil. The State total utility expenditure was $240 Million in FY2015​.

The database provides access, accountability, and trackability for 58 State entities. It is accessible to the public in a limited version, and with additional detail to over 300 registered users with login privileges.

The State Energy Database supports energy efficiency initiatives and Energy Performance Contracts, energy reduction reporting, deregulated energy procurement, energy planning, and utility bill analysis.


Any questions about the State Energy Database can be directed to:

Emily H. ​Soontornsaratool
Energy Data Program Manager
410-767-3061 ​