Statewide Automated Fuel Dispensing and Management System

About the System

As a result of a new partnership and outstanding example of cooperation between State government and private enterprise, DGS has taken refueling services into the 21st Century, providing state of the art technology and increasing the Statewide network to over 100 refueling sites at the end of fiscal year 2012. Thus far, the State of Maryland Automated Fuel Dispensing and Management System has dispensed over 202 million gallons of fuel and has saved the taxpayers of Maryland over 9.1 million dollars to date. In addition, the State has upgraded the fuel management equipment, software, and computer system on a “pay as you go” basis for a few pennies of the cost of each gallon of fuel used. When the conversion of the system is complete, every State owned vehicles will be within quick and easy access to a refueling station no matter where in the State the driver is traveling.

The system is environmentally friendly. Included are monitoring devices which test for tank leakage and product quality. All facilities are equipped with state of the art vapor recovery hoses and venting pipes. Reporting for vehicle fuel Prokee maintenance, drivers, approval of invoices is as easy as a click on a computer screen. And, in compliance with the Federal Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, alternative clean burning fuels continue to be used in the system.

The Department of General Services is pleased to implement the new Automated Fuel Management System to State drivers. The continuing success of the program is important to all of us, and we look forward to a more streamlined, paperless process that will guarantee an unqualified success in efficiency and increased savings.

If you have questions or if you would like to acquire more information, please contact Kathryn Wilson, Department of General Services at (410) 767-0587.

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