Capital Grants Project

What do I do first?


Complete and submit forms:

  • Complete and submit forms
  • Certification of Matching Funds (if applicable)
  • Grant Agreement (2 copies)
  • Grant Application
  • Affidavit - Religious Purposes (if required)
  • Affidavit - Lobbying

Do the forms have to be submitted all at once?



How do I get the money?


Contract amounts and vendors have to be approved by the Board of Public Works. The Maryland Historical Trust must review the project. If acquisition of property - Appraisal has to be reviewed by DGS, Real Estate Division.

Do all vendors have to be approved?


All vendors that you are using for your matching fund expenditures and for payment by the State have to be approved.

What do I have to submit to get contracts approved?


Must submit procurement method (how was vendor selected?), tabulation of bids (listing the vendors along with vendors address, city & state only), bid amount, contracts, scope of work & construction schedule.

How long does it take to get approval by the Board of Public Works?


Providing everything is complete and in order, one to two months.

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