How to Box Records

Deviating from these established procedures may result in unnecessary delays in completing the transfer of records to the SRC.

All records must be packed in standard State Records boxes. State Records boxes are available through Maryland Correctional Enterprises. Each box measures approximately 12"W x 15"L x 10"H.

Boxes must be new and free of all markings except for the box contents section on the front of the box.

The Accession Number (Accession No. on box) section of the box must not be completed by the department/agency. Accession numbers are assigned by the SRC Warehouse Manager.

Packing the boxes:

  1. Boxes should be packed in an organized manner in the same order as they are listed on the Transmittal.
    1. Letter size records should be placed facing the front end of the box.
    2. Legal size records should be placed sideways in the box, facing the left-hand side of the box.
  2. Boxes should be packed to no more than 90% capacity, leaving approximately 1-1/2 inches of free space in the box to facilitate referencing and interfiling:
    1. Box lids should close flush without bulging. Over-packed boxes will not be accepted.
    2. Boxes must not weigh more than 35 lbs. The SRC reserves the right to charge a fee per overweight box or reject overweight boxes.
  3. Agency box information:
    1. Number boxes in the same order listed on the Transmittal.
    2. The Department/Agency, Inclusive Date and Record Title must be entered in the appropriate fields on the box.

The records center reserves the right to reject unauthorized or damaged boxes.