Physical Transfer of Boxes

Records storage space within the State Records Center (SRC) is allocated on a first come, first served basis. Space will not be allocated until a Records Transmittal is received and approved by the Director of Records Management or the SRC Warehouse Supervisor. The SRC staff will make every effort to accommodate requests, including acceptance of partial transfers to the SRC:

  1. Upon receipt of a Records Transmittal, the SRC staff will review the Records Transmittal to ensure that the listed records are eligible for storage within the SRC.  If there are issues with a particular transmittal, SRC staff will notify the requestor.
  2. If space is available, SRC staff will contact the requestor and provide five (5) days that the requestor may transfer records to the records center.  If space is not available, the request will be listed on the Wait List and contacted if space becomes available during the next cycle.
  3. Requestors must contact the the SRC and confirm the day (s) that records will be shipped.
  4. Once records arrive at SRC, boxes are verified against the Records Transmittal.  The SRC is not responsible for verifying the contents of boxes sent to the SRC.  It is the responsibility of the unit, as legal custodian of records transferred to the SRC, to verify the contents of each box before transfer to the SRC.
  5. Once the records have been placed in inventory, a range, section and accession number is assigned to the Records Transmittal and mailed back to the Requestor. Please note that unless otherwise noted on the Records Transmittal, the completed Records Transmittal will be mailed to the Agency Official listed on the Records Transmittal.

Note: the SRC does not pick up boxes from Requestors. It is the responsibility of the Requestor to arrange for the transportation of boxes to the SRC.