Maryland Green Purchasing

Resources for Purchasers

Don’t know how to start buying green? Look for any of these logos or certifications. This document lists environmental standards and certifications that GPC-approved. 

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Guides 

Purchasers can use these guides to identify environmentally preferable products on statewide contracts. 

Instructions for Corporate Credit Card/Purchasing Card/P-Card Holders

The State of Maryland has a number of environmental statutes and regulations governing the purchase of products and services. 

Make sure your purchases are compliant with the minimum requirements found in the environmentally preferable specifications for products and services.  

Utility Rebate Programs for Energy Efficient Products  

Energy efficiency provides significant cost savings over a product’s lifecycle. Those cost savings can further increase with the help of utility rebate programs for energy efficient products. 

Maryland agencies are encouraged to apply for local utility rebate programs for their purchases of energy efficient lighting, appliances, and HVAC systems. 

Examples of local rebate programs include: